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M. Carolyn Steele
Carolyn has short stories published in the following anthology books:
Voices of the Heartland, "Death Keeper" (won first place Literary Category, Heartland Author's Contest). Published by Hawk Publishing, Tulsa, 2005. www.hawkpub.com
Heavenly Patchwork I, 2007 Oklahoma Centennial book selection, "Dancing Quilts." Published by Dorcas Publishing, Oklahoma City, 2006. www.heavenlypatchwork.com
Heavenly Patchwork II, 2007 Oklahoma Centennial book selection, "Something Special" and "An Elegance of Silk." Published by Dorcas Publishing, Oklahoma City, 2007. www.heavenlypatchwork.com
Centennial Stitches, 2007 Oklahoma Centennial book selection, "Threads of the Past." Published by Dorcas Publishing, Oklahoma City, 2007. www.heavenlypatchwork.com
Silver Boomers, "Fish Legs and Fake Tans." Published by Silver Boomer Books, Abilene, 2008. www.silverboomers.com
Shades of Tulsa Anthology, "Spirit of the Fire." Published by AWOC.Com, Denton, 2007.

Cuivre River Anthology, Volume III, "The Storyteller, 1836" (won Honorable Mention in Saturday Writers Short Story Contest, Missouri Writers' Guild) Published by AWOC.COM, Denton, 2007.
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For those who yearn to put meat on the bones of long-ago ancestors and make them live again to tell their stories, M. Carolyn Steele's helpful book, Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations, will lead genealogists from the beginning steps of crafting a story through the final step of publishing it for family enjoyment.
"Family researchers like to tell their ancestor's story. Carolyn's book is an excellent guide to take it a step further, to create and publish a compelling family history for future generations."
- Janice Meredith, Tulsa Genealogical Society

Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations is filled with helpful tips and examples that will allow even the novice writer to record the stories of their ancestors in an entertaining manner.
-Judy Howard, author of Oklahoma Centennial Projects, Heavenly Patchwork I and II, and Centennial Stitches.
www.buckboardquilts.com and www.HeavenlyPatchwork.com
contact the author: mcarolyn.steele@cox.net
As a full time educator and novice genealogist, I can appreciate Carolyn Steele's no-nonsense approach to researching and writing about one's family history. Her instructions lead the reader step-by-step through the often confusing terrain of family trees, reliable search sites (both on land and in Cyberspace) and validation of documents. Illustration from her own eloquently written accounts of her ancestry ensures that even beginning genealogists never make a misstep in their efforts.
-Carol Johnson, M.A., creative writing teacher and author of Autism: From Tragedy to Triumph and Everlasting
What reviewers have to say…
As someone who is increasingly intrigued by their own family ancestry, I have recently had the pleasure of discovering a book that takes a unique approach to genealogy and which I would recommend to anyone interested in the subject.

Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations (Roots & Branches, 2008) by Oklahoma author M. Carolyn Steele, approaches the subject of personal genealogy from the perspective of preserving family history by writing semi-fictionalized stories based on the best information the family historian can obtain. Steele's personal preference is for short stories, but she also discusses novel-length stories and even provides an entire section on self-publishing, largely for the purpose of creating custom-made booklets suitable as gifts for interested relatives.
While Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations is very encouraging and instructive, it is also frequently entertaining. Steele includes a number of samples of her own writing, for example, which relate stories about an ancestor who escaped an enemy firing squad during the Civil War and a somewhat risqué grandmother who was murdered by her fifth husband at the age of just 29!

- Michael J. Varhola, Editor, lecturer, and author of many books, including Everyday Life During the Civil War.
Voices, Volume II, "The Grandmother, 1836," (Winner of the Voices, Volume II Contest and nominated for a Pushcart Prize) Published by High Hill Press, 2009.
My Dad is my Hero, "Rediscovering Casanova," Published by Adams Media. a division of F+W Media, Inc., 2009. 1-800-289-0963
My Mom is my Hero, "A Patch of Sky," Published by Adams Media, a division of F+W Media, Inc., 2009. 1-800-289-0963
Every family has a story to tell. But not many families make the effort to ensure that those stories are properly preserved so that the generations to come can enjoy and learn from them.

Tulsa writer M. Carolyn Steele has written a book designed to show how -- with a little creativity and understanding of modern publishing technology -- families can go about "Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations." Steele has had several stories published in regional anthologies, including one put out by Tulsa's Hawk Publishing, and her current book grew out of her interest in genealogy.

"For years I was content to gather dry facts about long-dead ancestors from the usual sources," she writes in the introduction, "assemble neat files, print out charts and fill notebooks. Then, when I delved into the life of a grandmother I never knew, I realized this person deserved more than a line on a genealogy chart.

"Research into the era and the events of their lives put meat on old bones, made them living, breathing people again for the reader to know and enjoy. This book, I hope, will convince you to do the same with your ancestors and …family legends."

Steele includes tips on genealogical research, how to use the techniques of fiction to better tell the story, dealing with old photographs, and even a lesson to two on grammar, along with suggestions for self-publishing the finished work.
- James D. Watts, Sr., World Scene writer
Tulsa World, May 23, 2009, Tulsa, Oklahoma

M. Carolyn Steele has written Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations (Roots and Branches, $14.95). I only wish I'd had this concise guide when I found, in my mother's attic, letters, receipts and other primary material circa 1850 from my ancestors. You can benefit from her expertise by reading and heeding her lessons, presented in an entertaining format, for preserving family stories.
-Angie Jackson, Worth Reading Column,
Tulsa People Magazine, February 2010, Tulsa Oklahoma

Skipping Stones, "The Greatest Trickster," Published by High Hill Press, 2731 Cumberland Landing, St. Charles, MO 63303, 2010
Voices, Volume III, "Bonds of Matrimony," Published by High Hill Press, 2731 Cumberland Landing, St. Charles, MO 63303, 2010
Awarded 1st Place at the Heartland New Day Bookfest, 2010
Award-Winning Tales, “Waiting for a Friend,” (First Place winner in the 2010 Cowboy Up Contest), Published by Moonlight Mesa Associates, Wickenburg, AZ, 2011