M. Carolyn Steele


Outrun the Bullets

Outrun the Bullets ISBN-13: 978-1-5092-2680-1 | DIGITAL ISBN: 978-1-5092-2681-8
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Be careful who you are friends with, for some could lead you to a bitter end.

While caring for the family farm and his widowed mother during the Civil War, Young Ebenezer Fears dreams of joining his older brothers in the Union Army. Confederate bushwhackers attack the homestead, stealing everything of value, and Ebby seeks revenge.

Ebby makes a daring escape from captivity before he is to be shot. He races through the wilds of northwest Arkansas, determined to warn of the attack, but faces a difficult decision when a friend joins him in his flight and is wounded. A merciless bushwhacker, intent on killing Ebby, is relentless in his pursuit and equally determined to prevent the warning.

Praise for Outrun the Bullets:

“I always anticipate a trifold reading experience in the tales spun by Steele. Characters to cheer and cry for, fully immersed in language, time, and place with a passel of historical knowledge. Most enjoyable!” ~ Ira Amos, author of the Arcadia Vyne Mysteries

“In Outrun the Bullets, Carolyn Steele expertly blends the challenged lives of a northwestern Arkansas family during the closing months of the Civil War. As the family's blunt Irish mother observed, fighting one another brings the ugliness out in mankind.” ~ vehoae, author of Pahutchae's Pouch and Conscience: Breaching Social Amnesia

"This captivating story is a fascinating read - a real page turner. It is rich with historical details, colorful characters, and surprising twist and turns. Steele uses masterful descriptions and vivid details to reveal the riveting, well-researched historical novel." ~ Nikki Hanna, author of Write Whatever the Hell You Want